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Here at Pembrokeshire Photography we like to keep our friends updated and informed as to what we’re up to and if social networks such as Facebook and Twitter aren’t your thing we don’t mind you having a poke around on our website or here, at our brand new blog!

 We had the pleasure of working with the Pembrokeshire Tourism and 102.5 Radio Pembrokeshire teams at the annual Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards. It was wonderful to catch up with our clients and meet new people. It’s looking like the rest of this year is going to busy for us and we are really looking forward to working with some very nice people…

Photos are now online, just click on the link above please … some very shiny shoes and people who scrub up well! We didn’t recognise some of our friends and clients in their posh frocks without life jackets, overalls, uniforms etc!

Congratulations to the gold  award winners-

  • Elm Grove Country House
  • Blue Ball , Tenby
  • Hammet House (2 awards)
  • Outsource Me
  • Really Wild Food Festival
  • Narberth Food Festival
  • Celtic Camping & Bunkhouse
  • The Voucher Collection
  • Fields Lodge B&B
  • Clynfyw ( 2 awards)
  • Clydey Cottages